What to Look for in Sensitive Skin Products

Skincare for sensitive skin can be tricky, but if you read the ingredient labels on the products available, you can steer clear of known or potential irritants and give your skin the care it needs. After all, what's in a product is just as important as what isn't.

Finding optimal skincare for sensitive skin

Less is more when it comes to any sensitive skin care routine, and the basic sensitive skin products are cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. This minimalistic approach applies to ingredients as well. Fragrance-free products are also a wise choice for sensitive skin.4 It’s also important to stop using any product that causes redness, burning or itching—and keep irritated skin protected from the sun. Skin sensitivity could vary among individuals, If you do notice a skin reaction that doesn't improve within a few days, to better understand your skin condition, we recommend consulting with your doctor for professional medical advice.

Moisturizer and lotion for sensitive skin

Those with sensitive skin often have a compromised skin barrier, which can lead to dryness. Ingredients like ceramides can help restore the skin’s protective barrier are beneficial to skin with compromised epidermal barrier1. To help restore your skin's barrier, you should use a face moisturizer for sensitive skin every morning and evening (or more often if necessary). Good options include lightweight lotions or cream . And don't forget to look for a body Cream for sensitive skin, which you should use as often as you need to in order to help your skin stay hydrated.


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