Diabetic Skin

Learn about the skin-related side effects of diabetes as well as the best ways to minimize and manage diabetic skin concerns such as itching sensation caused by dryness, scaly skin and more.

  • Is Diabetes Causing Your Skin Problems?

    Many diabetes sufferers are unaware of the skin-related issues this disease can have on the skin. Among the most common diabetes skin symptoms are itching caused by dryness and poor circulation, brown patches of scaly skin on the legs and skin sores that won’t heal.

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  • Daily Skin Care Tips for Living Well with Diabetes: Expert Advice

    Skin care is important for diabetic skin, and the proper products can help relieve the dryness that can lead to itching and more serious issues. A hydrating body cleanser and moisturiser are the basics—and using them regularly can help keep skin healthy and comfortable.

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